ATOC planning digital Railcard launch in 2016


    The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) has announced plans to launch digital Railcards next year.

    ATOC is now looking for a supplier to help it develop a digital system for storing Railcards on smartphones and tablets with a view to launching in April 2016.

    “The app will also mean that fewer customers are left frustrated at having left their Railcard at home, as they are more likely to remember their phone,” said ATOC.

    More than 3.7 million Railcards are currently in use, with 16-25 and Senior Railcards the most popular.

    Andrew Robertson, ATOC’s head of marketing, said: “More than half of all users buy their Railcards online and we expect that over time a similar proportion will switch to the app to save time and make their journeys more convenient.

    “The rail industry is using more and more cutting-edge technology to benefit passengers and to make buying and using new types of electronic train tickets and Railcards simpler. For example, the industry is rolling out flexible mobile tickets that can be used across different train operators.”


    1. Sure, people are likely to remember to take their phones with them. OTOH, I never heard of an ordinary railcard with a flat battery…
      Which is why I never rely on an electronic boarding pass at airports.


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