Track laying begins on Denmark’s first high-speed railway

Photo: Banedanmark.

Track laying has begun a new 60-kilometre double-track rail link between Copenhagen and Ringsted – what will become Denmark’s first high-speed railway.

A launch ceremony was held at a construction site in Ringsted on October 28. The full 60-kilometre line will connect Copenhagen with Ringsted, via Køge.

From the site in Ringsted, the track-laying machine will travel to Køge North station, completing around 1.8 kilometres of track a day.

It will continue from Køge to Hvidovre and finally from there to Vigerslev in Copenhagen.

The construction is being led by Banedanmark and supported by Strukton.

Installation of the track infrastructure for the 250 km/h link is due to be completed in May 2017. The electrification and signalling systems will then be installed and tested in preparation for the opening of the line in December 2018.


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