Russian Railways plans to buy 1,250 locomotives in 2011-2013


President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin announced the plans.

“The locomotive fleet has traditionally been one of the key elements of the network’s operations. Its efficiency and reliability dictates not only the rhythm and results of the company’s work, but also the quality of freight and passenger services”, Vladimir Yakunin said.

The company president said that current reforms of the locomotive fleet should lead to substantially improved operational efficiency, with a 16% increase in locomotive productivity by 2015.

Commenting on the state of the company’s locomotive fleet, Vladimir Yakunin noted that since the founding of Russian Railways, locomotive productivity has increased by 10%. Over the past seven years, the company has acquired more than 2,000 new locomotives, and modernized and extended the service life of more than 3,700 locomotives. Substantial funds have been spent on developing vacation retreats for locomotive crews, as well as rehabilitation centres, and on modernizing and renewing depots.

“Russian Railways is now switching to new principles of partnership with railway equipment producers, harmonized with European standards. These are focused on comprehensive safety parameters, operational readiness, and lifecycle cost of equipment, which will define the company’s technical policies in its relations with workers and producers”, Vladimir Yakunin said.

For example, the electric passenger locomotive EP20 is being developed at Transmashholding’s Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant, in conjunction with Alstom. In November 2010, the Sinara Group and Siemens finished work on a test model of a new-generation 2ES10 electric freight locomotive. In total, Russian Railways plans to buy 1,250 locomotives from 2011 through 2013 at a cost of over 112 billion rubles.


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