MTR Stockholm wins ‘Communications and Mobility’ European IT Excellence Award 2011


IT Europa, the leading European IT publisher and market intelligence organisation, recently announced the winners of the European IT Excellence Awards 2011.

Amidst fierce competition from 31 countries, the mobile workforce project implemented by MTR Stockholm won the ‘Communications and Mobility’ award.

In 2010 MTR Stockholm deployed a mobile solution for customer-facing staff working on the platforms. The solution is based on Appear IQ Transport Edition, a context-aware mobile application platform developed by Appear and maintained by Logica, focusing on the requirements of passenger transport operators.

Appear IQ Transport Edition plays a crucial role in improving operations and customer service at MTR Stockholm. Customer service assistants are always up to date when answering passenger questions, as real-time traffic disruption information is pushed to their devices.

With the tasking application, station managers can easily create and allocate tasks to the closest available staff, ensuring for example that disabled passengers are promptly assisted. Using the fault report application, employees can take pictures to report technical issues or graffiti and notify maintenance teams.

Kimmo Piri, Stations Director of MTR Stockholm AB, explains: “The mobile workforce project has played a key role in supporting MTR Stockholm’s business objectives of driving passenger uptake, increasing customer satisfaction, maintaining a cleaner rail system and maximizing operational efficiency”.

The IT Excellence Awards are the only pan-European awards which recognise the crucial role that Independent Software Vendors and Solution Providers play together in the delivery of real world solutions.

GBS Bindra, Global Innovation Director, Logica comments: “This new award demonstrates the customer value created by Logica and Appear with the deployment of innovative mobile solutions. With Appear IQ, we see tremendous potential in helping organisations to save costs, develop new business and revenue models as well as enhance the overall customer experience.”

Appear is the 2009 winner of Logica’s Global Innovation Venture Partner Programme. Logica and Appear have developed a mobility innovation framework for a number of industries, where customers can participate in technology and business workshops to develop their own mobility strategy and roadmap.


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