Rail union rejects five year pay deal from TfL


Tube Union RMT confirmed today that it has rejected a proposed five year pay offer from TfL.

The union says it is ‘launching a campaign for a substantial, above-inflation one year deal.’

They want an offer to reflect the ‘additional workload placed on staff as a result of the repeated breakdown in services, a large increase in passenger numbers and the knock on effect from a programme of staff reductions.’

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“When you peel away all the spin from TfL, the reality is that with February’s RPI being 5.5% it means that the first year of this offer is not a rise at all, but is actually a real-terms pay cut of 1.5%.

“The package falls well short of RMT’s claim for a substantial, above-inflation, pay rise in a one-year deal. This offer takes no account at all of the fact that LU is carrying record numbers of passengers, charging inflation-busting fares, cutting staff and thus increasing productivity by the back door.

“We also note the fact that LU is continuing to pay large numbers of senior managers excessive fat cat salaries.

“Add in the pressure on staff of the repeated failures in service as the infrastructure collapses and anyone can see why this derisory offer has been rejected and why this trade union will continue to press the company for significant improvements in the offer for the current year.”

London Underground recently reported they have carried a record number of passengers.


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