Network Rail today welcomed Sir Roy McNulty’s rail value for money study and committed to a continuing programme of change.

David Higgins, chief executive, said:

“I have already moved this company into a programme of major change that will see decision making pushed down to our front-line organisation where it will be better able to respond to the needs of customers and passengers.

“We are well on our way to cutting the cost of running the rail network by over £5bn in our current funding period (2009-2014).

“We recognise there is more we can do to bring about fundamental change within our organisation to make it more efficient and customer focussed, which will include a completely new kind of relationship with train operators and with suppliers.

“Sir Roy’s work gives the industry the direction it must take, a direction that has our full support. That will involve more change, but it is change for the better, change that will deliver an even better performing, sustainable railway for Britain.”


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