Zonegreen expands rail safety expertise into Australia & New Zealand


Rail safety experts Zonegreen says the demand for innovative safety solutions is helping drive the company’s expansion into the Australian and New Zealand rail sectors.

As part of its contract with KiwiRail, Zonegreen has recently completed the commissioning process for advanced safety equipment at traincare depots in Wellington, New Zealand.

The contract included the supply of Zonegreen’s SMART depot personnel system (DPPS) to three depots, as well as its depot manager software to two of the depots.

The Sheffield-based company’s contract with KiwiRail forms part of New Zealand’s extensive programme of railways development, as the industry, which has traditionally been predominantly freight, moves increasingly towards passenger rail.

Zonegreen says it is ‘against this background’ that the company’s expertise in intelligent rail safety technology is in growing demand in both New Zealand and Australia.

“There is nothing comparable to our safety systems on the market at present in Australasia, quite simply because historically there has not been the demand,” Zonegreen’s managing director Tony Hague said.

“So we’re very pleased that crucial investment is now being made in this area to ensure the development of a truly modern rail network. KiwiRail is looking towards the future with a close eye on the kinds of innovative safety solutions that Zonegreen works so hard to spearhead, which is great news for the industry.”

The SMART DPPS is a highly advanced protection system incorporating the use of intelligent distributed control and communication technology, as well as electronic personnel datakeys to identify staff working in different safety zones.

It is now installed in the vast majority of new UK depots and a growing number of depots worldwide.

The Depot Manager software offers a complete overview of a depot. It provides key information to make operations quicker and easier to implement, ensures the use of safety systems at all times and offers comprehensive traceability.

Article courtesy of Rail Express.



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