Groupe Eurotunnel reports revenue and traffic


Groupe Eurotunnel, who operates and manages the Channel Tunnel, has reported a 10% increase in revenue in the third quarter of 2011.

The company operates the car shuttle services and earns revenue on other trains (freight by DB Schenker and passenger services by Eurostar) passing through the tunnel.

Groupe Eurotunnel said in an economic context which ‘remains difficult, total revenues for the third quarter of 2011 have risen by 10%, to €231.7 million, compared to the third quarter of 2010’.

Key figures from the financial report include:

  • Revenues from Shuttles increased by 8% to €116.5 million
  • Revenues from the use of the railway network increased by 6%
  • Increase of 10% for Truck Shuttle traffic, 4% for cars and a reduction of 2% for Eurostar passengers
  • Europorte: strong revenue growth (+30%).

Jacques Gounon, Chairman and Chief Executive of Groupe Eurotunnel, said:

“This summer, Eurotunnel demonstrated its capacity to be market leader across the Channel and successfully introduced effective solutions for rail freight.

“The Group is nonetheless conscious of the signs of economic slow-down and will continue to optimise the flexibility of its services.”



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