A government committee has said around 15,000 people die trying to cross railway tracks in India each year.

The High Level Safety Review Committee said it was a ‘massacre’ that was being ignored by railway authorities.

Their report claims that the committee’s previous safety recommendations have been ‘ignored’.

Recommendations include replacing all railroad crossings with bridges and overpasses.

The majority of deaths occur at unmanned railroad crossings, whilst around 1,000 people die falling from trains each year.

The Indian government set up the committee last year following a spate of train accidents killing hundreds of people.

The report said:

“Reluctance of the Indian railways to own up to the casualties, which do not fall under the purview of accidents, but are nevertheless accidents on account of trains, can by no means be ignored.”


  1. The problem can be resolved, if the part of spending is shared by state governments. Hope, lives are not fodder and right reaches the right concern.


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