Labour proposes cap on above inflation fare rise


Labour MPs are hoping to use an Opposition Day debate tomorrow to impose a one per cent above inflation cap on future rail fare increases.

Last month, the Government announced that most rail fares were to increase by 6.2 per cent, with some tickets rising by as much as 11 per cent.

Maria Eagle MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, said: “The rising cost of rail travel is adding to the financial pressures that many people are facing thanks to a recession made in Downing Street.

“The Government has put the wrong people first by caving in to pressure from the private train companies and letting them hike rail fares by up to 11 per cent every year.

“Many Tory and Liberal Democrat MPs have been telling their constituents that they share growing anger at the eye watering prices people are having to pay, often just to get to work. They should now back up their words with action and join Labour MPs in voting for a strict one per cent above inflation cap on future annual rail fare rises.”


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