First ‘Green Line’ LRV arrives in Minneapolis


The first of Minnesota’s ‘Green Line’ light rail vehicles (LRVs) has arrived in Minneapolis ahead of the line’s official opening in 2014.

LRV 201 was welcomed by officials at Target Field station on October 10.

Forty-seven $3.3 million LRVs are currently being built for the Central Corridor light rail line, which will operate as the Green Line when services begin in 2014.

Metropolitan Council chair Susan Haigh said: “The arrival of this American-made light rail vehicle is a very visible symbol of the progress we’re making toward finishing the line, which was 74 per cent complete by the end of August.

“We are well on our way to achieving the 75 per cent completion milestone this fall, thanks to the skill and dedication of more than 4,000 construction workers over the last three years.”

The region’s first light rail transit (LRT) line, Hiawatha, will also receive 12 new LRVs before being rebranded as the ‘Blue Line’, with the existing 27 LRVs being repainted and station graphics updated.

“Investing in a 21st century transportation system is vital to boosting Minnesota’s economy and helping lift up our local communities,” said U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar.

“This is an important step in the continued expansion of light rail service to better serve residents and businesses.”

The LRVs, which are being built at Siemens’ Sacramento in California, will be delivered by April 2014.

Testing of the new LRVs on Central Corridor tracks will begin in late 2013.


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