Indian Railways has launched a new real-time train tracking application for passengers.

RailRadar has been jointly developed by Centre for Railway Information Service (CRIS), the information technology arm of Indian Railways and RailYatri team (Stelling Technologies), a start-up that has partnered with Railways to provide real-time train information.

The application is currently tracking 6,500 passenger trains out of the 10,000 trains operated by Indian Railways.

The app was launched at the digital conference organised by Delhi based Medianama, a digital media publication.

Sunil Bajpai, group general manager at CRIS said at the conference: “The app does have APIs for the service but it does not intend to open them to developers in the near term, although it might do so in the future.”

Currently, the app is only available for passenger trains.

Users can access service by logging on to



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