Amsterdam Metro extends Alstom order


Amsterdam transport officials have exercised an option to buy five more Alstom trainsets for the city’s metro network.

The deal builds on an order placed in 2010 for 23 Metropolis trains for the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam is at the centre of an ambitious public transport initiative to modernise its metro system, which came into operation in the late 1970s.

The project includes the introduction of additional metro trainsets, the creation of a new North-South line and the modernisation of the existing network and the North-South line with a new CBTC Signalling & Control system, awarded to Alstom in 2012.

The additional metro trainsets will be delivered to Amsterdam during the second half of 2014.

Alstom Metropolis trains can run at maximum speed of 80 kph and are equipped for driverless automatic transport.

The metros will be produced in Alstom’s Katowice site in Poland.


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