New safety guidelines are to be drawn up by the US Department of Transportation which will shape the design of the country’s first high-speed trains.

The Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) Railroad Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) voted in favour of introducing new rules governing the basic safety standard of high-speed trains capable of reaching speeds of up to 200 mph.

Once they are passed, the standards will be used to aid the development of high-speed programmes in California and on the Northeast Corridor.

US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said: “Today’s vote is another important step in advancing high-speed and intercity passenger rail in America.

“This vote brings us closer to new jobs and manufacturing opportunities to make high-speed rail equipment for use here at home and abroad.”


  1. […]  アメリカ連邦鉄道局(Federal Railroad Administration、FRA)の安全諮問委員会(Railroad Safety Advisory Committee、RSAC)は14日、今後同国で運行される高速鉄道向けの新たな衝突安全基準(Crashworthiness Standards)の策定に全会一致で賛成しました。これまで米国の旅客鉄道車両に課せられていた厳しい衝突安全基準が緩和され、欧州などと同レベルの軽量・高性能の高速列車導入への道が開かれる可能性が高くなりました。FRAが14日付で発表しているほか、International Railway Journal、Global Rail Newsが17日付、railway-technology.comが18日付記事で報じています。 (FRAのプレスリリース、International Railway Journalの当該記事、Global Rail Newsの当該記事、railway-technology.comの当該記事) […]


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