Light rail journeys in the UK have risen to the highest level recorded in the ‘modern era’, according to a new government report.

Figures published this week detailing the performance of the UK’s light rail network have highlighted the impact last year’s Olympic Games had on light rail journeys around London.

In total, 18 million more passenger journeys were made across Britain’s eight systems compared to last year, with the majority of those (14 million) coming from London’s Docklands Light Railway (DLR).

The report showed that in fact 60 per cent of all light rail passenger journeys in the UK were made on either London’s DLR or Croydon Tramlink systems.

Although overall revenue rose by 13 per cent in the past year, passenger numbers on four of the UK’s networks – Nottingham Express Transit, Midland Metro, Sheffield Supertram and the Tyne and Wear Metro – actually fell between 2012/13.


  1. It’s about time that other cities to also invest having new trams. Cities including-Brighton & Hove, Norwich, Exeter, Cardiff, Swansea, Southampton and others could have new trams in 2025/2026.


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