The next generation of France’s high-speed TGV will begin serving passengers in 2018, says French President François Hollande.

The latest incarnation of the world-famous high-speed rail service will consume 20-30 per cent less energy and increase capacity by 25 per cent compared to the current rolling stock, according to a new government initiative which aims to boost French industry.

A prototype of the new TGV is expected to begin testing in the first half of 2017 before coming into service in 2018.

‘TGV of the future’ is one of 34 projects highlighted by the government as areas in which France has the potential to lead globally.

The government is looking to Alstom to develop France’s TGV as a market leader on high-speed rail.


  1. This is excellent and encouraging news! The USA, led by misguided political bickering and partisanship, seem not to be interested in becoming a leader in rail technology. Let France, Japan and China lead the way. Hundreds of thousands of skilled jobs are at stake.


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