Breakthrough in São Paulo subway construction

Photo: Edson Lopes Jr / Governo do Estado de São Paulo.

Megatatuzão, one of the 1,500-tonne TBMs constructing São Paulo’s Line 5 extension, has broken through into the Moema station box.

The breakthrough marks the end of the first 483-metre drive from the Bandeirantes tunnel portal to Moema where it will undergo maintenance before continuing to the Dionysus portal near the line’s new terminus station, Chácara Klabin.

Once complete, the R $7.5 billion extension will more than double the current 8.5 kilometre route, adding 11.5 kilometre of additional track and 11 new stations.

The 1.9 kilometre tunnel between the current terminus station, Largo Treze, and the first of the new stations, Adolfo Pinheiro, will be commissioned on February 1.

The extended Line 5 – Lilac will connect with São Paulo’s Line 1 – Blue and Line 2 – Green and improve accessibility to some of the city’s main medical centres.

Megatatuzão was previously used to construct Line 4 – Yellow.


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