Thales picked for São Paulo monorail contract

Photo: Guilherme Lara Campos/ Governo do Estado de São Paulo.

International engineering group Thales is to design and install the telecommunications systems for São Paulo Line 17 monorail.

Alongside Brazilian partner T’Trans, the company will develop the CCTV, passenger information systems and transmission and telephony subsystems for one of the two monorail lines currently being built in the city.

Thales is already contracted to equip the line with its own Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) system.

Line 17 will operate 18 trains an hour, connecting Congonhas International Airport to the rest of São Paulo’s metro system.

The project is expected to be completed within the next 22 months.


  1. My name is Andrade and I work at São Paulo Monorail System Line 17 .
    The photo of the train showed at your file is not for the line 17 morail system , but for the line 15 monorail system . The trains for line 17 will be furnished by the Consortion SCOMI – malasian and MPE – brasilian


    Antonio dos Santos Andrade


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