Hong Kong’s double-decker tram celebrates 110 years

Photo: TungCheung / Shutterstock.com.

One of the world’s last-remaining double-decker tram systems has celebrated 110 years of service.

The Hong Kong Tramway, which operates a fleet of 163 two-floor trams, opened on July 30, 1904. Throughout July, RATPDev Transdev Asia, the RATP/Veolia joint venture which has run the network since 2009, has held special events to mark the anniversary.

According to Hong Kong Tramways, the city has the largest fleet of double-deck trams in the world. The 16-kilometre network was originally served by British-built trams that had been shipped over and assembled in Hong Kong.

The network serves around 210,000 passengers every day and it does so with no public subsidy.

Thirty-eight new signature trams have been built by the operator’s Hong Kong depot and the system has recently undergone a major modernisation of its traffic management and passenger information systems.


  1. I’ve recently experienced the HK trams as a tourist, it’s a fun quirky mode of transport and at 2.30 $HK (less than £0.20) it’s extremely cheap! I’m amazed it receives no public subsidy despite the low fares and being integrated with the Octopos travel pass.


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