More than half of Spain’s 2015 transport spend to go on rail

Photo: Renfe.

Spain has committed to investing €5.2 billion on its rail network in 2015 – more than half of the country’s transport budget.

The Spanish government has said that 54 per cent of the budget will be spent operating, maintaining and enhancing the country railways, with the majority of that, €3.6 billion, to go towards furthering Spain’s high-speed rail network.

Rail investment will increase by 13.7 per cent in 2015 overall.

Investment in the Mediterranean Corridor will rise by 35 per cent to €1.4 billion. Projects will focus on the Barcelona-French border link, and the Murcia-Almeria, Barcelona-Tarragona-Castellon and Valencia-Alicante-Murcia HSR corridors.

In 2015, the Spanish government will provide €461 million for upgrades to the conventional network, including work on the Palencia-Santander line and Almoraima-Algeciras corridor.


  1. I’ve long held suspicions over whether any of Spain’s HSR routes (besides the Madrid-Barcelona route) are even breaking even.

    • You know, I’ve always wondered the same thing about U.S. freeways. I bet there’s not a single ONE of ’em “breaking even,” even after the United States spends over half its transportation budget trying to sustain the autocentric lifestyle!

      It’s weird how that works, huh?

      • You’re probably right there Garl.
        But I stand by what I’ve said about the talgo’s in Spain. At least freeways can be used for freight movements. HSR works well in Japan and Germany and France but is there really enough demand between Madrid and (say) Seville? Remember, unlike the French TGV and German ICE, Spain’s HSR can’t use regular rail infrastructure due to a break of gauge.

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