Glasgow planning airport tram-train


    A new tram-train rail link between Glasgow city centre and Glasgow Airport is being considered by city councillors.

    The council is looking at options for either a tram-train or a conventional light rail connection between the city centre, Paisley and Glasgow Airport.

    Proposals will be put in front of a number of local authorities before a final decision is made next year.

    A tram-train, which would operate between Glasgow Central Station and Paisley Gilmour Street before moving onto a new light rail line to the airport, is the preferred option and is estimated to cost around £144.3 million. Construction could start as soon as 2021 and be completed by 2025.

    Light rail rapid transit would cost less, £102 million, but would require passengers to get off at Paisley and board a separate tram to the airport.

    Both options are cheaper than the £317 million needed to extend the railway from the city centre – an option that has already been ruled out.


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