Rise in revenue and profits for Eurotunnel


    Eurotunnel has reported a rise in revenue and profits in 2015.

    Eurotunnel’s positive financial performance comes despite the continuing refugee crisis in Calais, and the group predicts further growth in 2016 and 2017.

    The company’s revenues increased by 5 per cent to €1.222 billion. Net consolidated profit also rose to €100 million.

    Jacques Gounon, chairman and chief executive of GroupeEurotunnel SE, said in a statement: “In a difficult environment in 2015, the group worked with the efficiency of a private company to deliver a genuine public service.

    “This was achieved through the commitment of its staff, close cooperation with the two governments and an exemplary capacity to react to events.”

    Eurotunnel said that as a result of measures introduced in cooperation with the British and French governments, it has suffered no service disruption since October 2015. It revealed that Eurostar had actually achieved record traffic levels in 2015, carrying almost 10.4 million passengers.


    1. Good to hear that growth continued in 2015 for both the shuttles and Eurostar. Assuming that figure of €100 million is an operating profit on a €1.2 billion turnover, I would say this is very positive result.


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