Heathrow Express fleet recalled


    Siemens has recalled Heathrow Express’ fleet of Class 332 trains “as a safety precaution” after discovering a fault during a routine maintenance check.

    The Class 332s have been taken out of service while each train is inspected by Siemens engineers at Old Oak Common depot, Heathrow Express announced this morning (February 29).

    In the meantime, Class 360 Heathrow Connect trains will operate every 15 minutes between Paddington and Heathrow. Heathrow Connect will be suspended as a result.

    Heathrow Express director Fraser Brown said: “While we regret the inconvenience this will cause to our customers and airport colleagues, safety remains our top priority.

    “We are working with Siemens engineers, who manage our depot site and the maintenance of our trains, to understand the extent of this issue. When we are aware of what we are dealing with, we will be able to make a decision on when a full service will resume.”



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