Construction partnership set up to deliver Ordsall Chord


    Network Rail has entered into a construction partnership with Amey, Skanska, BAM Nuttall and Siemens to build the Ordsall Chord in Manchester.

    The controversial link will connect Manchester’s two main railway stations, unlocking capacity in the city.

    Today’s announcement follows a decision last week by the Court of Appeal to drop a legal challenge brought by Mark Whitby, who was originally brought in to work on design options for the project, over concerns about the damage the project will do to the existing grade II listed bridges.

    Mike Heywood, from Network Rail and manager of the alliance, said: “This is an exciting time for passengers, businesses and the rail industry in the north of England. A better railway supports jobs, housing and economic growth and the new Ordsall Chord has a massive role to play in opening up new and faster journeys.

    “Within this alliance of organisations, we have a wide range of skills and experience to make this vital new stretch of railway a reality and deliver the service all rail passengers deserve.”

    The partnership contract will run until 2019.


    1. It is a great pity that we cannot have the cord, which we all want – contrary to what some people were implying, and the link to one of the first intercity stations in the world, which until now has been in place. Mark Whitby made the point that by having the cord on a different alignment it would have been possible to have the vital link, kept the museum line and preserved the integrity of an historic viaduct. So why was’t that done? This is on a par with the Euston Arch. By taking this alignment it could be argued that Network rail has needlessly delayed the this vital scheme, because of the inevitable legal challenge, and wasted taxpayer money. Network Rail and the authorities in Manchester should hang their heads in shame. This action will be regretted for years to come.

    2. Most people don’t like the way that the new Ordsall Chord is being built and is ruining Manchester but the new chord will improve better services and to link Manchester Victoria and Manchester Piccadilly with DMU and EMU trains to use the new link.


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