Approval for Blackpool tram terminal


    Leaders at Blackpool Council have approved plans to create a new tram terminal along a future extension of the line from North Pier to the town’s main railway station.

    On April 4, the Council’s Executive backed proposals to acquire a Wilkinson’s store on Talbot Road, opposite Blackpool North station, and turn it into a new tram terminal.

    The terminal would be part of the Talbot Gateway Central Business District scheme which aims to regenerate the area around the station.

    The City Council is currently seeking funding for the £22 million extension. However, preparatory works are already underway and the council hopes to begin construction in 2018.

    Addressing the issue of funding, Councillor Fred Jackson said in a statement: “There is no escaping that this is a large amount of money to borrow, especially at a time when the Government’s funding cuts make it more difficult for us to deliver day to day services.

    “However, we only borrow money that we know that we can repay. The current occupiers of the building will provide rent and parking revenue that will help to repay the prudential borrowing costs while we prepare to develop the site.

    “We cannot stand still and hope that Blackpool will grow without our help. We have to continue to be ambitious and enterprising to drive the town forward in ways that will increase jobs for our local people and improve the economic conditions for businesses.”

    The council aims to complete the terminal at the same time as the main redevelopment scheme.




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