Hyundai Rotem to supply new Busan Metro trains


    Hyundai Rotem has signed a contract with the Busan Transportation Corporation to supply 40 new trains for the Busan Metro.

    The new units will replace the existing stock on Line 1, which was introduced into service in the mid-1980s.

    Deliveries are due to begin next year. The trains will also serve an extension of Line 1 between Dadae station and Sinpyeong station, which will open next year.

    The new trains will feature permanent magnet synchronous motors, which Hyundai Rotem says are 3dB quieter and 18 per cent more energy efficient than the current technology.

    The new vehicles will also be able to self-regulate systems like the lighting, temperature, ventilation and the volume of passenger announcements, Hyundai Rotem has said.


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