ČD Cargo orders multi-system locomotives


    ČD Cargo has placed an order with Siemens for five Vectron MS multi-system locomotives.

    The new locomotives will be used to transport cars by rail between Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany.

    Multi-system locomotives are designed to be capable of operating under multiple overhead electrification systems, allowing them to operate cross-border services where a conventional electric locomotive could not.

    The new locomotives will be compatible with ETCS signalling and have a top speed of 160 km/h.

    Deliveries are due to begin this summer. ČD Cargo will have all five locomotives by the end of the year.

    In an announcement, Ivan Bednárik, chairman of the board of ČD Cargo, said: “The decision to purchase new interoperable locomotives comes from a long-term strategy of ČD Cargo and fulfills one of the company’s key objectives, which is expanding to foreign markets.

    “If we want to sustain our current market share and our position as one of the largest European carriers, fleet renewal is necessary, and these locomotives are the first but not last investment in this area.”



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