UK sets up transport apprenticeship taskforce


    The UK government has established the Strategic Transport Apprenticeship Taskforce (STAT) to address the ongoing skills challenge facing the sector.

    The taskforce aims to bring together employers to develop initiatives which will enable the government to achieve its target of creating 30,000 apprenticeships in the transport sector by 2020.

    STAT’s board includes senior staff from HS2, Crossrail and Network Rail.

    HS2 chief executive Simon Kirby and the new chair of STAT, said: “Being an apprentice was a great opportunity for me to pursue a vocational education and gain experience in the workplace, whilst learning at the same time. I used my apprenticeship as a springboard for my career.  It also equipped me with invaluable people skills that I’ve used in all aspects of my job.”

    He added: “Employers should see taking on an apprentice as an opportunity to develop skills within their business and this in turn can help young people to develop long and successful careers within their chosen sector.

    “It is vital that we also inspire people from all different backgrounds to become an apprentice so that we can create a diverse workforce capable of delivering the unprecedented number of transport projects currently in the pipeline.”


    1. Totally agree. I started at BREL in 1978 and I have had a fantastic career in the railway industry. But we need to tell people of all ages and backgrounds, what a fantastic industry it is and I include from school age upwards. At the moment, automotive and aerospace are seen as far more exciting than trains!


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