Refresh for TGV prototype


    The prototype locomotive that paved the way for France’s iconic TGV high-speed train is a little worse for wear.

    Built more than 40 years ago, one of the power cars from TGV 001 is being given a fresh coat of paint by Alstom and Mäder, having spent its retirement overlooking the A36 motorway at the entrance to the city of Belfort, where the train was built.

    TGV 001 was developed by SNCF and Alstom in the 1970s and laid the foundations for the design of France’s high-speed rolling stock.

    TGV 001 consisted of three carriages powered by two gas turbine locomotives. The second locomotive is similarly displayed in Bischheim, where TGV 001 was maintained during testing.

    The locomotive, which will retain its traditional orange livery, will be returned to its plinth by the end of June.




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