ENSCO to build track inspection train for Metro-North Railroad


    New York’s MTA has signed a contract with ENSCO to design and build a new track inspection train for the Metro-North Railroad.

    Due to enter service in early 2018, the track geometry vehicle will use a combination of laser, optical and inertial sensors to monitor the condition of track infrastructure across the Metro-North network.

    The diesel unit will look at the track geometry, gauge, alignment, cross-level, surface, speed, twist and warp of the rails.

    MTA said that in the past Metro-North has used contractors to operate its inspection vehicles, but that this function will now be moved in-house.

    Joseph Giulietti, president of Metro-North Railroad, said: “This vehicle will further enhance our efforts to identify any potential track problems so they can be repaired before becoming safety issues and affecting service.

    “The MTA’s Blue Ribbon Panel, the Federal Railroad Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board all determined that the acquisition of a Track Geometry Vehicle would enable Metro-North to improve track inspections.

    “This cutting-edge inspection vehicle will significantly contribute to Metro-North’s intense focus on ensuring customer safety.”



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