Canadian Government announces major investment in BC rail infrastructure


    Canada’s Primer Minister, Justin Trudeau, and the Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, visited the Vancouver SkyTrain’s operations centre in Burnaby to announce a $900 million programme of investment in the province’s public transport network.

    The investment package includes the procurement of new SkyTrain vehicles for the Expo, Millennium, and Canada lines, upgrades to SkyTrain stations, a new West Coast Express locomotive and funding for the design work for the Millennium Line extension.

    In a statement, Christy Clark said: “British Columbia is leading Canada, and as our economy continues to grow, transit infrastructure needs to keep pace.

    “This investment will help meet rising demand, ease congestion, lower our carbon footprint, and enhance our quality of life.”

    The funding is part of the Canadian Government’s $120 billion ‘Investing in Canada’ programme.

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    1. Bad news for metro Vancouver as TransLink will blunder ahead with a $3 billion subway to nowhere and LRT designed as a $2.5 billion poor man’s SkyTrain. Both projects will not take a car off the road.


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