Toronto launches Cherry Street tram extension


    TTC has opened its first tram extension for almost 16 years, providing a new light rail connection between Cherry Street and the West Don Lands.

    The Cherry Street streetcar line – part of the Waterfront Toronto redevelopment project – was officially launched on June 18.

    Trams will run every eight to nine minutes during peak times between Distillery Loop and Dufferin Gate Loop, via Cherry Street/Sumach Street, King Street and Dufferin Street.

    Bob Chiarelli, Ontario Minister of Infrastructure, said: “Our government is pleased to help bring the new Cherry streetcar route to transit riders. It will improve transit on King Street and bring new streetcar service to Liberty Village and the West Don Lands.

    “This route represents the completion of a very significant piece of the transit infrastructure picture, something that is needed to help Toronto commuters and new residents of the West Don Lands neighbourhood get to work and around the city.”

    The line has been funded by the Province of Ontario, Toronto and the Government of Canada.





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