RSSB on Brexit – No immediate impact on UK rail industry


    UK rail safety and standards body, RSSB, said that although it may ultimately lose some influence in Europe, Brexit will have no immediate effect on the UK rail industry as a whole.

    RSSB said the strategy to harmonise standards across Europe would be unlikely to change whether or not the UK is a member of the EU.

    But the body has admitted that the quality of the economic deal brokered between the UK and the EU could affect its level of influence.

    RSSB interim managing director Mark Phillips said: “It’s too early to say what the longer-term implications of Brexit will be on Britain’s rail sector or our approach to standards setting and safety regulation.”

    He added: “We will be working closely with our members, the Department for Transport, Office of Rail and Road and other industry bodies, to understand and manage any potential changes to rail’s regulatory framework as they arise.”

    Other reaction

    Ahead of the referendum, Hitachi’s president and chief executive spoke out against Britain leaving the EU. Following the result, Mr Higashihara said he and the company, which has invested millions of pounds in new rolling stock facility in Newton Aycliffe, “will take our time to carefully assess the implications for our business as these become clearer”.




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