Gallery: c2c Electrostar EMUs under construction in Derby


    C2c and Bombardier have released images of the first of 24 new Class 387 EMU carriages being built for the operator.

    In April, c2c announced it had agreed a short-term lease with the Department for Transport and leasing company Porterbrook for six four-car Class 387 units.

    The three-year lease was necessary to allow the operator to cope with “unprecedented growth” on some routes.

    The new trains, which will have wider seats than c2c’s current fleet, will be in service by the end of the year, according to c2c.

    Other features on the new Class 387s include air-conditioning, power sockets, more luggage space and walk-through carriages.


    1. Looks amazing on what Bombardier are continuing to build the Class 387/3’s Electrostar. But why can’t Bombardier could also build more Class 379 Electrostar trains for Abellio Greater Anglia as they are to build Class 345’s and Class 710’s Aventra trains for MTR Crossrail and London Overground next year. Bombardier are the world’s best train manufacturer who build trains not just for North America, UK and Europe but worldwide including Australia and South Africa.

      • Because no contracts for new trains are being handed out within the remainder of the current Greater Anglia franchise. You don’t need to keep repeating yourself.

        • Well in that case 30 Class 379’s are used for Liverpool Street-Cambridge and Liverpool Street-Stansted Airport and Bombardier are more likely to finish off building the last Class 387/3’s for GWR and c2c and that means they be focusing on building the brand new Class 345’s and Class 710’s Aventra EMU trains after they completed building 37 Class 387/3’s for GWR and 6 Class 387/3’s for c2c with the last Class 387/2’s to be completed for Gatwick Express (27 in total).

      • Bombardier aren’t even the best train manufacturer in Derby, and the only competitor they have is a retired bloke who makes clock-work toy trains.

        • Oh come of it Philip. Bombardier have built and manufacturer their own trains for the UK including the Turbostar Diesel Multiple Unit trains, Voyager Diesel-electric Multiple Unit trains, Electrostar Electric Multiple Unit trains, London Underground S-Stock Sub Surface trains, Victoria Line 2009 Stocks, Docklands Light Railway rolling stocks, London Overground’s Class 378, Class 172 and the brand new Class 710 trains, new trams for Blackpool, Croydon Tramlink and the Manchester Metrolink M5000 tram rolling stocks and many more trams, trains and tubes that Bombardier will continue to build and manufacture for the UK and across Europe and worldwide including North America.

          • I’m well aware of what they’ve built, mainly because I’m all too well aware of the technical difficulties we’ve been left with by Bombardier and before them, AdTranz and ABB getting the damn things certified and into service.

            Their products are unreliable, badly built at times, made from low quality components and are, on the whole, quite poorly designed. It will, however, be interesting to see how they do with the Crossrail stock.

            • Maybe that’s why Bombardier are more focused on building the Class 345 and Class 710 Aventra trains for MTR Crossrail Elizabeth Line and London Overground.


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