20 dead as trains collide


    Two regional trains have collided head-on in Italy, killing 20 people.

    The accident occurred on the single-track line between Andria and Corato, just north of Bari in Southern Italy. The two trains, a Stadler-manufactured FLIRT ETR340 and an Alstom Coradia ELT200, collided head-on at km51, where the maximum speed is posted as 100km/h. The lead coaches of each four-car train were derailed and extensively damaged.

    The two trains that were involved were the ET 1023 Central Barletta – Bari Airport and the ET 1018 Airport – Barletta Central, both operated by Ferrotramviaria SpA. The accident occurred at around 11:30 on Tuesday 12 July 2016.

    First reports are that 20 people, including one driver, died and another 34 were injured, with at least 20 of those seriously. Conditions for rescuers are difficult as the accident took place in an olive grove in open country under hot sun.

    Arriving at the scene, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Graziano Delrio said that the accident was “a terrible tragedy”.

    It is not yet clear how the two trains ended up going in opposite directions on the same track. Minister Delrio promised a full enquiry.


    1. To prevent such a accident like this one as the railway line is only a single track in Southern Italy. Why can’t the single railway line be upgraded with another track (doubled) so that trains can pass each other safely. But my heart goes out to those families who have lost their loved ones. It’s a tragedy that will never go away and Italy’s government are to be blamed for not upgrading the railway line with another track being laid for trains to pass each other. If it is a main line then the Italian government should of used their money on doubling the line to prevent more accidents from happening again.

      • Andrew. Single track railways are in use all over the world. Why are you singling out the Italian government who (aside from not being directly responsible for their state railways) are not the only country to have suffered such an accident this year.

        But I will agree that it is a tragedy.


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