DB trialling body cams after rise in staff assaults


    Deutsche Bahn (DB) has been equipping its security staff with body cams following increasing numbers of staff assaults at its stations.

    DB has been trialling the cameras at stations in Berlin throughout 2016. In the first half of this year, 950 DB employees were assaulted while on duty – a 10 per cent increase from 2015.

    Following the trial in the German capital, the cameras are likely to be rolled out across the country, says DB.

    As well as recording video evidence that can later be used as part of a criminal prosecution, the cameras also act as a deterrent.

    Discussing the trial, DB provided details showing the level of surveillance across the German rail network. Currently there are more than 27,000 cameras installed on DB trains and 5,000 cameras at its stations. Expanding this further is part of DB’s long-term plans.


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