MTR order to replace and add to LRV fleet


    MTR has awarded CRRC Nanjing Puzhen a $745 million for 40 new trams to replace and enhance the Northwest New Territories LRV fleet.

    The new vehicles will replace the 30 existing Phase 2 LRVs, which have been in passenger service since 1992, and add a further 10 units to the fleet.

    Adi Lau, operations director of MTR Corporation, said: “MTR always strives for continuous improvements to provide passengers with more comfortable and reliable services.

    “In view of the growing demand for public transport in the Northwest New Territories, we have decided to purchase more new vehicles to enhance the travelling experience of our passengers as well as to meet the needs of the community for additional transport services.”

    Delivery of the new LRVs will be phased, with the first entering service in 2019.

    MTR said the size of the LRV fleet will rise to 150 by 2023 – part of a wider plan to increase the system’s capacity.


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