Strabag to repair and upgrade Czech rail line


    Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration (SZDC) has appointed Strabag Rail to repair and upgrade a 46-kilometre stretch of railway between Okříšky and Zastávka u Brna.

    Co-financed by the EU, the €34 million project is due to get underway immediately and will be completed by July 2017.

    The project, which will allow for shorted journey times on the route, will involve modifications to the track geometry, repairs to the track and substructure, bridge works and re-strengthening crossings.

    Strabag teams will also renovate a number of stations on the line, focussing on Třebíč station.

    In an announcement on the company’s website, Thomas Birtel, chief executive of Strabag SE, said: “Railway construction is a promising field of infrastructure for the future.

    “The business field generates around € 550 million for us annually.”


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