Translink to develop integrated smart ticketing system


    Oyster-style integrated smart ticketing is to be introduced by Northern Ireland’s Translink thanks to a £45 million investment package.

    Parkeon will design and implement the new ticketing system, which will allow passengers to top up their smart cards through an online app.

    The £45 million investment programme was announced today (September 6) by Northern Ireland’s Infrastructure Minister, Chris Hazzard.

    He said: “A high quality public transport infrastructure is fundamental to encouraging people to use our buses and trains. This innovative ticketing system will deliver long-term benefits and transform how we access public transport across the region.

    “The current ticketing system was introduced 15 years ago and serves around 80 million passenger journeys every year. This programme will deliver a modern, efficient and convenient ticketing system that will benefit passengers and lead to greater efficiencies. It will improve the passenger experience.”

    The new ticketing system will start to come into use in 2018 but won’t be available on Translink rail services until after 2019.


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