Next-generation TGV to enter commercial service in 2022


SNCF and Alstom plan to launch the next generation of high-speed TGV trains in 2022.

On September 7, the two companies announced the creation of a joint programme to develop the new trains. The project “will lead to the definition of a new technological, commercial and industrial strategy for high speed”.

The main aims are to cut the procurement and operating costs of the new fleet by at least 20 per cent, reduce energy consumption by at least 25 per cent and increase capacity by a minimum of 20 per cent.

Initially the team of 20 from SNCF and Alstom will create the specification for the new trains, which will be completed by the end of 2017. Detailed design and approvals is expected to take four years after that before production can begin.

SNCF aims to get the new fleet into passenger service by mid-2022.

The core team will work out of an office on Avenue du Maine in Paris, but 12 Alstom sites around France will also contribute to the design.


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