Class 88 presentation at InnoTrans 2016

Photo: InnoTrans.

The Class 88 will begin the certification process in the UK soon said Stadler, presenting one of the dual-mode, 4-axle locomotives at InnoTrans this week.

Stadler, which acquired the locomotive’s manufacturer Vossloh Rail Vehicles in 2015, presented the Class 88 at the international trade fair yesterday (September 21) alongside Direct Rail Services (DRS) and Beacon Rail Leasing.

DRS and Beacon Rail Leasing have ordered 10 Class 88 units. The locomotives are based on the Class 68 diesel-electric locomotives already being used by the operator.

A dual-mode locomotive, the Class 88 is able to operate in 25 kV AC electric and diesel modes. During testing, 88001 demonstrated it was capable of hauling a 1,500-tonne train and ER20 locomotive in both modes.



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