PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe and DB Netz renew cross-border partnership

Photo: Deutsche Bahn.

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA and DB Netz AG have signed an agreement in Berlin to improve cooperation on cross-border train movements.

Primarily the agreement, which builds on a set of principles established in 2012, will seek to create common rules for the construction and maintenance of facilities linked with cross-border rail infrastructure.

It will also improve cooperation in planning and coordinagting investment, as well as regulating operating rules and allocating routes.

Dr Thomas Schaffer, a member of the Management Board at DB Netz AG, said: “Constructive cooperation of our rail infrastructure managers have a long tradition.

“With the new agreement directs further action on the safety and quality of railway traffic between Polish and Germany.”

Routes covered by the agreement include Löcknitz – Szczecin, Tantow – Szczecin, Küstrin/Kietz – Kostrzyn, Frankfurt (Oder) – Rzepin,  Guben – Gubin, Forst (Lausitz) – Tuplice, Horka Gbf – Węgliniec, Görlitz – Zgorzelec i Hagenwerder – Krzewina Zgorzelecka – Zittau.

Andrzej Pawlowski, a member of the Board of PKP PLK SA, added: “Almost 10 years, the cooperation between our two countries is of great importance for the improvement and development of infrastructure and rail transport.

“Undertaken by both the company’s activities are consistent with the policies of states and coordination between the rail infrastructure managers.”

Several projects have been delivered between the two organisations including the construction of a new railway bridge in Frankfurt (Oder) and safety upgrades on several routes.

Future works include the electrification of the Angermünde – Szczecin and Hoyerswerda -Horka – Węgliniec lines.



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