Timetable for 2017 announced as first new c2c 387 enters service


Train operator c2c published its 2017 timetable this week on the same day its first new Class 387 EMU entered passenger service.

The operator has promised faster journey times between Southend and London, longer trains between Thurrock and the capital, and eight-car peak time trains from Laindon.

C2c made the announcement on the day the first of six new four-car Class 387 units went into service from Thorpe Bay.

In April, c2c signed a short-term lease agreement for the trains with Porterbrook in response to what it called an “unprecedented growth” in demand. The operator is currently tendering for a new fleet as well.

The timetable will come into effect on January 9, at which point all 24 of the new 387 carriages will be in service.

Announcing the publication of the new timetable, managing director Julian Drury said: “Today is a really significant step in our efforts to address the top priorities of our customers in different areas.

“It’s little over six months since we signed the contract for these new trains, and in that time they have been built and now they have started running in passenger service.

“There will be more changes over the coming weeks as we embed the new trains, so I’d like to thank our passengers for bearing with us during this time. Once this project finishes and January’s timetable change is introduced I hope that most passengers will notice an improvement in their commute.”


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