ÖBB orders 64 more Cityjet trains

Photo: ÖBB.

ÖBB has signed a €400 million contract with Siemens for 64 more Cityjet trains.

Austria’s Minister for Transport, Innovation & Technology, Jörg Leichtfried approved the procurement on December 15 and the contract was signed earlier today.

It takes the total number of Cityjet trains ordered to 165.

The new units will be delivered between February 2018 and summer 2019. They will begin operating services around Vienna in 2020, says ÖBB.

The first Cityjet trains went into passenger services in Styria in January. All of the original 101 trains ordered are due to be delivered by 2018.

Cityjet trains are now also in service on lines S1, S2, S7, S40, S50 and S80 in Vienna.

One feature of the new trains is a smart air-conditioning system, which uses CO2 sensors to adjust its output based on the occupancy of the train, and a driver advisory system.



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