SNCB considering sale of stake in Transurb

Photo: Philip Lange / Shutterstock.

Belgium’s national rail operator, SNCB, is weighing up options for a potential sale of its stake in engineering subsidiary Transurb.

SNCB said it is currently “investigating strategic options” for Transurb, including the whole or partial sale of its 92 per cent stake in the business. STIB, Brussels’ public transport operator, owns the remaining 8 per cent.

The sale would allow the company to focus on its core service activities, SNCB said in a statement.

Transurb is a provider of whole system engineering design and project management services to the Belgian and international rail sector. It has been involved in Belgium’s ERTMS rollout and was appointed as the technical consultant for Norway’s ERTMS programme.

Transurb is also part of a joint venture supporting the installation of the in-cab signalling system chosen for the new PRASA train fleet in South Africa.

Transurb is a minority shareholder in TUC Rail and is one of the founding organisations behind the certification body Belgorail. Transurb also has a separate business which designs driver training simulators.


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