Last tranche of Flexity trams for Berlin


Berlin has exercised the fourth and final option on its contract with Bombardier for Flexity trams, calling off an additional 21 vehicles and bringing the total up to 210 vehicles.

This completes the contract placed by the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) in 2006. BVG will use the additional trams to increase capacity on its network in the eastern part of Germany’s capital.

Bombardier has delivered 137 trams to date. They first entered service in 2011 and have covered 29 million kilometres so far.

The Berlin version of the Flexity low-floor tram is 40 metres long and is fully air-conditioned. It has a larger wheel diameter than others in the same family, while retaining a 295mm step height at the doors.

The trams have regenerative braking, harvesting energy from the braking system and using it to propel the tram when it recommences its journey.

Over 1,600 Flexity low-floor trams, of various types, have been supplied to operators around the world.

Report by Nigel Wordsworth


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