Digital future for SNCF

Photo: Frederic Legrand/

SNCF is employing IBM’s Watson Internet of Things (IoT) across France’s 30,000 km rail network in a bid to improve efficiency and safety.

IoT will improve operational performance, customer experience and safety, IBM and SNCF have said.

How does it work? Sensors will be installed across the network, providing real-time data which will help SNCF to manage the railway more efficiently.

By continually monitoring its trains and infrastructure, SNCF will be able to identify faults without having to carry out physical inspections, preventing more serious faults from developing and impacting on services.

Harriet Green, general manager IBM Watson IoT, said: “We are so excited to see a leading European railway, which every day helps 13.5 million passengers get from point A to point B, team with IBM Watson IoT.”

She added: “This collaboration is a true example of how IoT is touching everyone’s lives, in many cases without people even knowing it. In this instance, consumers benefit by experiencing minimal downtime and on time service, all made possible by Watson IoT, data from thousands of sensors and the brilliant engineers and innovators at SNCF.”


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