Political pledge for expansion of Glasgow’s subway network

The entrance to St Enoch underground train station in Glasgow. Credit: Cornfield/ Shutterstock.

The SNP has said it will look at expanding Glasgow’s subway network if it is successful in the upcoming local elections.

Announced in its manifesto for Scotland’s largest city, the political party has declared its intention to support the extension, which would be the first since the 1890s when the subway was built.

Management of the urban rail – the third oldest network in the world – would also be brought back under control of the city from Strathclyde Partnership for Transport under the changes in the hope of generating a stimulus for economic development.

The manifesto reads: “The Subway is entirely located within Glasgow, but is managed by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT): we will plan to bring management of Glasgow’s Subway into the fold of the City Government.

“We will look favourably on opportunities to expand the Subway network and consider innovative funding approaches to achieve the first extension to the Subway since its creation in the 1890s.”

No clarification has been offered as to how the network would be expanded in the manifesto.

The commitments are part of a number of promises the SNP has made ahead of the Scottish Council Elections on May 4, where it is currently battling it out with Labour for control of Glasgow City Council.


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