Money-saving DB Rider app adds states to service

Credit: DB.
Credit: DB.

DB has extended the reach of a mobile app that helps rail users make daily savings.

Passengers will now be able to use the DB Rider app – which allows users to find fellow riders to achieve reduced fares on regional day tickets – in Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg-Berlin and Lower Saxony.

Created in conjunction with students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), customers enter their start and finish destinations, as well as the date and time of departure, and are given an overview of the groups travelling on that route on that day or the option to create their own.

Using the app, travellers will pay the following: €5.80 each for a Brandenburg-Berlin ticket; €7.80 each for a Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ticket; €8 for a Schleswig-Holstein ticket; or €7.80 for a Lower Saxony ticket.

Users are able to create groups with specific properties – such as all female – enter meeting points and chat to fellow group members, so they can come together to purchase the country ticket.

Afterwards users are able to rate the reliability of passengers in the free app.

Around 71,000 people have already registered for the app.

Project manager Stefan Gierisch said (Translated from German): “I can share a ride in the car today, I can spend the holiday in other people’s apartments – why not share a ticket in the local area.

“This is exactly where the DB rider app starts. The more people share a country ticket, the cheaper it will be for each individual.

“The Brandenburg-Berlin ticket costs 29 euros if I travel alone. Travel but five people with such a ticket, everyone pays only 5.80 euros. Traveling in local transport can be so attractive. And that is exactly what we want to prove with the DB rider app.”


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