IDRO launches tender to provide 630 subway cars for Tehran metro

Credit: IDRO.
Credit: IDRO.

The Industrial Development and Renovation Organisation of Iran (IDRO) has launched a tender to supply 630 subway cars for the country’s capital city.

Both foreign and Iranian companies are invited to apply for the contract which will cover the design, manufacture, testing, commissioning, training and delivery of the cars for the Tehran metro.

The IDRO – one of the largest companies in Iran – aims to accelerate the industrialisation of Iran.

The Tehran metro began operating in 1999 and consists of four operational metro lines, and a fifth commuter rail line, and 96 metro stations. The system is 170km long, uses standard gauge and carries more than three million passengers each day. Construction is currently underway to add a further two.

The tender for the cars was published by the IDRO on May 2.


  1. It is reported today that IDRO has just signed contract with Stadler to purchase 960 metro cars which will be partly produced in GPIG Iranian car builder company located in Iran southern, Kerman province. But the question is if Stadler investigated GPIG workshops and human resources? Are them qualified enough to produce metro cars, with high quality of course?
    Although, finance of the project is not mentioned in the report, it is still under question who will provide finance using the credit line which is already established between Switzerland and Iran governments?


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